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As the health system moves towards a more de-decentralised operating system to faciltate both a growing and ageing population, while dealing with an increased demand on the community care services. agendaNi outlines the latest statistics on community care for adults in Northern Ireland.

Care packages in effect

  • 29,935 persons in contact with HSC Trusts
  • 36% all contacts by persons in Elderly Care POC
  • 40% persons in contact aged 65 and over

A total of 29,935 in the Elderly Care, Learning Disability and Physical and sensory disability Points of Care (POC’s) were in contact with HSC Trusts in Northern Ireland between 1 April, 2015 and 31 March, 2016. More than a third of these (36 per cent) were Elderly Care POC, a third (33 per cent) were in Physical and Sensory Disability and 31 per cent were Learning disability POC. Of those in contact with the Trusts, 40 per cent were aged 65 and over. 











12,368 residential and nursing home care packages were in effect at 30 June 2016, representing a 1 per cent rise on the previous year. Over one third of these (30 per cent) were nursing home care and 30 per cent residential care packages. 90 per cent of the packages were provided by the  private sector, while the voluntary (6 per cent) and statutory (4 per cent) provided smaller proportions of packages. A total of 81 per cent of care packages were in the Elderly Care POC.

5,180 residential places available

Available residential places in statutory sector 22%

10,692 nursing care beds available

Nursing care beds available within the independent sector 99.8%

The number of available residential places in Northern Ireland (5,180) fell by around 1 per cent over the past year but the figure represents a 6 per cent drop since 2012. Of these, 58 per cent were independent residential homes, 22 per cent were statutory residential homes and 21 per cent were dual registered nursing homes. The number of nursing care beds (10,692) also fell by the 1 per cent margin. Of these 99.8 per cent were in the independent sector, 45 per cent of which were in dual registered homes, and only 0.2 per cent were in the statutory sector.


Day care registration at 31 March 2016

The number of people registered at statutory day care facilities (7,390) fell by 2 per cent in the last year at 31 March, 2016 and this represents a 6 per cent drop over four years. 61 per cent of people registered were aged under 65 and 39 per cent were aged 65 and over.

  • 7,872 – 31 March 2012
  • 7,625 – 31 March 2014
  • 7,390 – 31 March 2016

Source: Statistics on Community Care for Adults in Northern Ireland 2015 – 2016, Information and Analysis Directorate (IAD).




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