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thumb-large-21 Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Equiniti helps customers to combine a social media strategy with high quality services.

It’s noisy out there in social media and not all of it is Piers Morgan. Among the deafening chatter there are opportunities to be had, little nuggets of 24-carat gold that can provide your department or public body with a cutting edge.

Sounds like an opportunity, right?

However, just as the Klondike prospectors found it tough trying to make a buck during the gold rush in late 19th century Alaska so businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to make sense of how to make social media pay.

How it is that one person can create a buzz around their service on social media and another see their efforts fall like a James Arthur tweet into the abyss of babble? There isn’t always an easy answer and often it is a combination of a well thought out social media strategy coupled with the quality of your services.

However, there is help at hand. Microsoft has been pioneering a social listening tool as part of Microsoft Dynamics CRM package that has the potential to revolutionise your social media presence and, as a Microsoft gold-certified partner, Equiniti is well-placed to mine this lucrative seam.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables your service and marketing teams to deliver great citizen experiences by empowering them with social tools built right into the system.

In today’s social and mobile world, organisations need to move faster and share knowledge more broadly than ever before. They also need to connect to stakeholders on their terms, which means getting social.

There are myriad applications for public bodies to turn social insights into opportunities. They can act as an early warning system while also facilitating heightened citizen experiences, ensuring that messages resonate as well as highlighting trends that impact your brand and services; provide the ability to turn sentiment into opportunity; convert conversations into positive engagement; gather and categorise information; create a buzz around your service; make strategic adjustments in real-time; and measure positive or negative feelings.

The fact that people are spending so much time on social media presents incredible opportunity for public sector providers, Equiniti can help your business get social – and hopefully find that rich seam of gold you have been prospecting for.

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Equiniti is a trusted partner to the public sector, offering business process management solutions and IT services

that transform government services. With over 175 years’ experience, our collaborative and flexible approach led to our selection as the private sector partner for the first mutual joint venture (MyCSP) and as an official supplier to the G-Cloud framework.

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