Fujitsu: Trusted partner for the education and learning sector

When digital transformation company Fujitsu became a trusted partner for Libraries NI in 2013, they were challenged to deliver the next phase of innovative IT services that would not only support the organisation and its network of 98 libraries, but also create a seamless service transition for its users and stakeholders.

Having secured a new seven-year partnership with Libraries NI, Fujitsu is building on the long-standing relationship which saw the organisations successfully replace and manage the entire ICT infrastructure in every public library across Northern Ireland.

The partnership is key to the success of Libraries NI’s mission critical e3 project to ensure the organisation has the necessary technology platforms and services to support the delivery of a diverse range of library services. As well as managed IT services, Fujitsu provides extensive technological and industry knowledge to align with the Authority’s in-depth understanding of their business. The provision of self-service book lending facilities and printing solutions, relevant business intelligence systems to inform decision making and the creation of an effective platform for modern ‘virtual library’ services are just some of the initiatives which have been successfully established.

Desi Curry, Head of ICU and ICT for Libraries NI explains that the benefits of the investment go beyond creating a technology infrastructure which has helped to modernise Libraries NI’s external services and internal corporate systems, it has also been an opportunity for staff to get to know their library user.

“By using the library management system and Fujitsu’s specially designed analytics solution, staff can determine which books or learning resources are in high demand and how customers are using the broad spectrum of services. This creates a holistic picture of our customers’ requirements,” says Curry.

Fujitsu’s mission to create innovative, accessible, and integrated technology solutions is evident through the specialist platforms it creates with industry leading partners. Curry explains that the overarching solution designed by Fujitsu provides services to users which are intuitive and easy to use, despite the complex underlying architecture which incorporates a diverse range of solution components.

“The self-service kiosks use infrared technology which allows library users to scan, log or return books onto their account using a keyring barcode, at any Libraries NI location. This is ideal for users with limited knowledge of technology or those with limited access to technology at home,” says Curry.

As a result of self-service systems, staff have more time to engage with visitors on the ground. Customer analytics also helps Libraries NI to divert resources to where they are most effective and provide best value.

Fujitsu will also deliver digital skills volunteer support sessions and career development workshops to local community groups as part of the contract. This illustrates the company’s commitment to promoting equality, tackling poverty and social exclusion as a responsible business.

Speaking about the role of libraries in our communities, Jim O’Hagan, Chief Executive of Libraries NI says developing tech-infrastructure creates further learning opportunities. He adds: “Libraries are a valued and trusted resource at the heart of communities and we are pleased to award this new contract to Fujitsu which as well as enhancing IT infrastructure, our partnership with Fujitsu will deliver a range of social inclusion initiatives including digital skills and career development workshops.

“Recently, thousands of students, groups, young people, and adults visited their local library as part of Book Week NI, a fantastic initiative delivered by Libraries NI in partnership with BBC Northern Ireland that encourages everyone to visit their local library to engage with literature and reading. We will continue to advance our technology platforms which help us remain at the cutting edge of library services, providing opportunities for people to learn and to connect.”


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