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Bairbre de Brún MEP

Travel, biography and adventure are among the Sinn Féin MEP’s main literary interests.

Litir ó mo Mháthair Altrama
AUTHOR: Fionntán de Brún
It’s a series of short stories but it’s stories that draw on the everyday life but with quirks in them.  It’s actually quite funny.  I’ve spoken to him as he has become better known.  People used to ask him: “Was he related to me?” and now people ask me: “Am I related to him?”  They’re great stories.


Living Your  Yoga
AUTHOR: Judith Lasater
I do yoga and have done yoga for years.  It’s looking at the importance of yoga in your life and the impact it can have on your quality of life but also acknowledging that many people, including myself, use yoga as a series of practices which you do either on a daily or weekly basis.  ‘Living Your Yoga’ is how to extend that right into your whole life and how you work your approach to your lifestyle.

Lord of the Rings
A great read.  A great story.  Strong characters, both a sense of adventure and a sense of what we all want to see.  The good guys win out in the end.  It’s that sense of having a vision of where you want to get to, what you want to achieve, and the fact that these people band together and achieve it.


Children of the Far-Flung
AUTHOR: Geraldine Cusack
It’s a marvellous story of her and her siblings growing up in an Irish-American family in the Bronx, and the considerable achievements that she went on to make, and their travels to Ireland and further afield.  Her sister went on to found Focus Theatre in Dublin and to marry the Dubliners singer Luke Kelly.  She lived for a time in Africa.  She lived and worked for a time on a North American reservation.  She now works in the inner city in Dublin.  It’s just a great story of the family and the way they grew up, their experiences as Irish-Americans, their international vision, the work that they’ve done, their achievements and also their links to famous people.

books-5 Cathracha i gCóngar is i gCéin
AUTHOR: Eoghan Ó Néill
He has travelled very, very extensively.  A lot of it’s in Europe and beyond. Cathracha i gCóngar is i gCéin means ‘Cities Near and Far’, and it’s a travel book but a travel book that talks about his experiences in the city: how he lives the city.  You’ve Riga, you’ve Lisbon, you’ve Belfast, Brussels.  It’s just a really great way of putting down his experiences.  He goes off for periods of time into these cities and then comes back and then goes away again.  It’s very exciting, both when it’s cities that I recognise and that I know to see how my experience of them fits in with his experience of them, but also the flavour of cities that I’m less familiar with.
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