Energy saving: How can we help?

The Energy Saving Trust is the UK’s leading impartial organisation whose goal is to help in the reduction of carbon emissions and help save energy.

We offer support and advice to encourage and assist the people of Northern Ireland to reduce energy consumption, through raising awareness of their carbon footprint, and to facilitate practical solutions to make homes and lifestyles more sustainable. We work with key stakeholders to deliver the action needed to meet climate change targets.

The average Northern Ireland household creates around six tonnes of CO2 every year – that’s 6,000kg to heat and power their homes. You can save up to £340 a year and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 2,000kg by making simple and effective changes in the home. With around 55 per cent being carbon emissions, generated in homes, it is clear that upgrading the energy efficiency performance of existing housing is vital to meet the target of reducing carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.

Electricity and gas prices have recently increased in Northern Ireland (October 2018), consequently it is important to ensure householders are equipped with information to know how to improve their homes efficiency and save on energy costs.

Energy Saving Week 2018

Energy Saving Week, begins on Monday, 5 November and runs to Friday, 
9 November, and has become a flagship event over the last 18 years, and acts as a focused reminder on how simple energy efficiency measures impact the reduction of CO2 emissions and could save money. For example, leaving the TV on standby or keeping your heating on when you’re not at home wastes energy and creates higher energy bills. Avoiding this means energy can be saved.

Look out for our upcoming media campaign and the tips and hints that will help you save money and reduce CO2 emissions. #energysavingweek

How can we help organisations?

The Energy Saving Trust offers a range of products, tools and programmes to support organisations, with over 25 years of experience across domestic energy efficiency, cleaner transport, low-carbon energy and water efficiency. Whether you want to verify your own energy saving claims or evaluate your own work on climate change, we are here to help.

Evaluation services

We are impartial and trusted experts at helping you to understand and report on the impact and benefits of your environmental and climate change initiatives. Our Data Insight team measures customer satisfaction, retention, behavioural change, energy, CO2 and financial savings. Specialising in the evaluation of consumer behavioural change programmes, we offer a rich and diverse range of services from self-help monitoring tools to full independent evaluations.

Energy Saving Trust (EST) Register

The Energy Saving Trust Register is a product endorsement and approval scheme for domestic energy saving products that meet EST and industry agreed energy performance criteria (Endorsed) or UK regulatory requirements (Approved) including heating, glazing and insulation products.

EST have a product verification scheme for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, this provides a Verified by Energy Saving Trust label linked to specific performance claims. Product verification benefits consumers to make informed product choices. Energy Saving Trust Verified products are also featured on the EST Register.

For more information please visit

Angela Gracey-Roger, 
Operations Manager
NI Energy Saving Trust


T: 028 9072 6006

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