Probation Board for Northern Ireland sets out its strategic vision for 2020–23

PBNI Board Chair Dale Ashford sets out the organisation’s strategic vision for the next three years which will be contained within PBNI Corporate Plan 2020–23.

PBNI’s Corporate Plan 2020-23 builds on the principles set out in the Programme for Government and Outcomes Delivery Plan including: the need for joined up working, the need to focus on what we are achieving rather than what we are doing; and the need to use evidence and research to improve outcomes for all communities.

Our plan sets the strategic direction for the Probation Board for Northern Ireland over the next three years. It has been developed following a far reaching public consultation process. During the consultation we met with stakeholders from government, criminal justice, the voluntary and community sectors, staff, service users and communities. There were a number of important themes captured in the consultation process. Consultees highlighted the importance of intervening as early as possible in order to address the causes of crime.

Research shows that children who suffer multiple adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) such as having a parent in prison, experiencing domestic abuse, substance misuse, or mental ill health in the household, are more likely to be imprisoned. Strategic Priority 1 highlights the importance of PBNI working in partnership to provide early intervention and prevent individuals becoming involved in criminality. This priority also provides an opportunity for PBNI to develop its work in relation to restorative practice.

Consultees also highlighted the important role probation plays in delivering a problem solving approach in particular to tackle domestic abuse and substance misuse. This work will continue under the framework of Strategic Priority 2. Many of those we met with during this consultation process highlighted the need to use evidence, research and best practice to ensure the organisation is effective. At the same time the Board must provide assurance that the organisation is delivering efficient and value for money services. Our 3rd Strategic Priority will be the catalyst for this work.

Any organisation is only as good as its people and staff played a key role in this consultation process. This Board wants to ensure there is a culture where staff wellbeing and learning are at the forefront of what we do and the actions to achieve that will sit under Strategic Priority 4. Consultees including service users, staff, partners and political representatives all told us of the importance of building awareness of the key role probation plays in creating safer communities. Under Strategic Priority 5, PBNI will focus on building awareness and confidence in the work of probation as the lead organisation responsible for rehabilitation in the community. The strategic priorities outlined in this plan enable PBNI to be collaborative, innovative and transformative. This will in turn enable staff to help reduce reoffending, reduce the number of victims of crime and help keep communities safer.

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