New Chief Constable appointed

George Hamilton Assistant Chief Constable George Hamilton will take up the leadership of the PSNI when Matt Baggott retires as Chief Constable in the autumn. Hamilton was appointed by the Policing Board after approval was granted by Justice Minister David Ford and will hold office until 2019 – with the potential for an extended term.

Garda Assistant Commissioner Derek Byrne and Assistant MET Commissioner Cressida Dick – the Metropolitan Police’s lead officer on counter-terrorism – also applied for the post.

George Hamilton joined the RUC in 1985 and is currently responsible for rural district policing. He has also been Assistant Chief Constable in Strathclyde and worked in police training and organisational development in England. David Ford pointed to Hamilton’s “wealth of leadership experience” and paid tribute to Matt Baggott for his leadership “sometimes in the face of extreme adversity”.

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