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Front Cover Feature Profile


Cover story involves placing a photograph of a senior figure on the cover of agendaNi. (Photography arranged by agendaNi magazine). Our managing editor will conduct the interview with the person on the cover to feature across three pages in the magazine. This very high profile option is particularly effective when timed to coincide with a particular event or simply to raise the profile of the organisation.

We prefer to strategically plan our front covers to lend themselves to the key report within that edition, to create a theme for each edition.  This is a very high profile option and is particularly effective when timed to coincide with a particular event, i.e new branding – the appointment of a new CEO.

Benefits of the front cover profile option include:

  • Very high profile opportunity
  • Offers maximum exposure
  • Highlight key objectives/plans for the future
  • Exclusivity of one per edition
  • Deliver important messages to our decision-making audience
  • Increase the profile of a senior person (Tim Husbands) to Northern Ireland’s key decision makers


Natural Gas: 20 years in the making

Phoenix Natural Gas Chief Executive Michael McKinstry talks to Owen McQuade about the development of the natural gas industry in Northern Ireland over the last 20 years and what the future hold for the energy utility. Click here to Read More.


Digital Innovator

Niall Lavery, PwC’s Digital Director in Northern Ireland, talks to Owen McQuade about the importance of innovation in overcoming the challenges facing the Northern Ireland economy and details three innovation paths for business and government to follow. Click here to Read More.


Supporting the skills pipeline and growth

Gerry Campbell puts the case for more Executive spending to support skills and economic development. Colleges NI’s Chief Executive talks to Owen McQuade about the further education sector’s offering and its contribution to economic growth. Click here to Read More.

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