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4 Page Advertorial

What is it?

An advertorial is a powerful communications tool designed to ‘stand out’ from traditional display advertisements.

It takes the form of a branded feature article that promotes the benefits, capabilities and services of an organisation.

It is also commomly used in ‘public affairs’ publications to communicate an organisations view on a particular issue.

It can be used as an extension of your existing campaign or as a stand alone marketing activity.


Content can focus on:

  • Promotion of products or services
  • Lobbying: to create a positive impression of the contributor and influence policy makers
  • Significant achievements
  • New premises / company expansion / new partner / director
2 Page Advertorial

Word count:

  • Four pages: 2500 words + 4 images
  • Two pages: 1100 words + 2 images
  • One page: 550 words + 1 image


Photography and corporate images are key elements of the design and compliment the editorial. They can feature key people, premises, products etc…

Logos and branding

The advertorial will be designed by agendaNi’s professional design team to include corporate colours, logos, branding and contact details supplied.

1 Page Advertorial


A major difference between regular editorial and advertorial is that clients have content approval of advertorials, a luxury usually not provided with regular editorial.

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