Transforming public sector services: ITS and Constellation Software leading the way

Following its acquisition by Constellation Software Group, ITS has the resources and expertise to accelerate innovation, break barriers, and make a lasting impact for customers.

2023 will be a year of transformation at ITS (formerly Equiniti-ICS). Acquired in December last year by the Constellation Software Group, one of the world’s largest software businesses, with annual revenues of over $6 billion and 15,000 employees, the business is set to capitalise on its extensive resources and expertise to drive significant change and transformation in its public sector clients.

ITS has witnessed its fair share of transformation over the years. Over the course of six decades the company has navigated through different ownerships, industry shifts and, emerging technologies, adapting and evolving to meet the changing needs of its clients.

The recent acquisition by Constellation Group represents a transformative milestone for the business, marking a significant shift in its trajectory which will enable ITS to leverage the vast resources, expertise, and global reach of the Constellation Group.

Pivotal to this new direction will be the commitment to fostering innovation and gaining unparalleled access to expertise in new digital technologies. AI and data analytics are just some of the new technologies that the business is working with, leveraging them as a catalyst for positive change, to create a more connected, responsive, and citizen-centric government that can effectively address the needs of the future.

CUBE – the company’s new case management system is an example of this commitment to innovation. Developed as a result of extensive research and collaboration, CUBE embodies the cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking approach that ITS embraces.

By harnessing the power of automation, data analytics, and real-time collaboration, CUBE has the potential to revolutionise the way public sector clients operate. Through streamlined workflows, CUBE enables efficient processes, while data-driven insights offer valuable information for informed decision-making.

Embracing innovation as an enabler for transformative change, the business also recognises that innovation without a clear direction and purpose may lead to a scattered approach which has limited impact. Therefore, as part of its overall transformation offerings, the company now works closely with its clients to develop a “digital innovation strategy.” – ensuring technology initiatives are aligned to corporate goals.

Based upon the recently introduced ISO 56002:2019 Standard for Innovation, the strategy compels organisations to embrace a strategic perspective, acknowledging innovation as a core priority rather than a series of ad-hoc projects. Through this shift, organisations gain the power to overcome traditional boundaries, revealing new and innovative solutions to seemingly impossible challenges.

Heading the new ITS organisation is Nigel Farr, who is returning to the business after a seven-year stint with local IT Services business Version 1.

Farr brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the industry and his return to the business marks an exciting chapter in the company’s journey.

Speaking of the recent acquisition by Constellation, he says: “With Constellation’s support, we have the resources and expertise to accelerate innovation, break barriers, and make a lasting impact for our customers.”

The acquisition of ITS by Constellation marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of ITS enabling it to leverage enhanced resources, expertise, and partnerships, ensuring continued growth, innovation, and client satisfaction in the evolving digital landscape.



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