Forging ahead with new homes

3L4F9155 With growing numbers of people in need of housing, the Clanmil Housing Group has embarked on an ambitious development programme to deliver a further 2,000 much needed homes across Northern Ireland.

In recent years, Clanmil has successfully sourced high levels of private finance to stretch public funding for new homes. In April 2014, in the largest ever deal of its kind for Northern Ireland, it secured loans of £75 million from Danske Bank and £45 million from Barclays. This money, together with grant funding from the Department for Social Development, has boosted Clanmil’s development activity and work is scheduled to start this year on the construction of new homes in Belfast, Londonderry and County Down.

To ensure that it can continue to deliver, Clanmil is working to identify and acquire further development opportunities in areas where new homes are needed most.

Carol McTaggart, Clanmil’s Group Director of Development, explains: “We are seeking opportunities to provide social, affordable and equity share homes and are keen to hear from anyone who knows of available development sites or existing properties that could help us meet housing need. Clanmil is keen to purchase sites that will help us create viable, vibrant communities and we’re ready to do business.”

Carol continued: “We’re also asking local political representatives to work with us to help identify sites that we can develop to provide great homes for the people they represent.”

If you know of a development opportunity, please contact Clanmil on 028 9087 6018 or email development@clanmil.org.uk

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