Enhancing public sector communication: Diversity NI’s new secure online booking system for interpreting and translation services

In today’s globalised world, the need for effective communication across diverse linguistic backgrounds has never been greater, especially in the public sector.

Recognising this, Diversity NI, a leader in professional interpreting and translation services in Northern Ireland, has launched a significant upgrade to its client services with a new secure online booking system, committing £100,000 of investment over the next five years. This innovative platform promises fast, efficient, and secure access to translation services, significantly enhancing public sector communication.

The new system simplifies the process of scheduling interpreting services, enabling its public sector clients to book services effortlessly and securely. With the capability to handle over 100 jobs per day and a team of 10 dedicated full-time employees, Diversity NI offers rapid response times with no booking fees. The telephone interpreting platform provides immediate access to interpreters fluent in more than 200 languages, available within just one minute of a request.

Paolina Hawthorne, Managing Director of Diversity NI, highlights the impact of this new technology: “We are proud to be possibly the first company in Northern Ireland to integrate such advanced technology in our operations.

“At Diversity NI, we deeply understand the critical importance of security and confidentiality for our clients, especially those within the public sector where sensitive information is frequently exchanged. Our new secure online booking system is designed with state-of-the-art security measures to protect every interaction. This means our clients can focus on their essential work without concerns about the privacy and security of their communications. We believe this system not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands for confidentiality in public service, ensuring peace of mind and trust in our interpretation and translation services.”

In the past year alone, Diversity NI has provided interpreting services to 40,000 clients, illustrating its crucial role in facilitating key communications across multiple sectors. The introduction of this system is expected to further improve service delivery by reducing the time clients spend making bookings and providing instant confirmation of services.

The public sector, where clear and reliable communication is critical, stands to benefit significantly from Diversity NI’s services. Accurate and efficient interpretation is essential in medical and social service settings, where misunderstandings can have serious consequences. Additionally, in areas like insurance claim services, where clarity and accuracy in communication can expedite claims processing and enhance customer satisfaction, Diversity NI’s services are invaluable.

The new booking system is a game-changer for public sector entities that require dependable and swift interpreting services. It ensures that no matter the language barrier, public service professionals can communicate effectively and fulfil their duties without delays.

For more information about Diversity NI and the innovative secure booking system, please visit

Paolina Hawthorne, Managing Director,
Diversity NI

T: 028 9047 3737

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