Work-life balance

The concept of work-life balance, whereby employees achieve a healthy balance between their work and personal life, is not a new phenomenon. Rather the importance of enabling employees to reach a suitable work-life balance, particularly for employees with children, has been strongly supported by various pieces of research. When employees can reach a working pattern which complements their family responsibilities, they are more productive, motivated, less stressed and content. All of which are clear benefits for employees and employers alike.

Employers For Childcare Charitable Group has been working closely with employers for over a decade to help with the implementation of family-friendly working policies (FFWPs). We understand the difficulties that parents encounter in trying to balance their work and family lives. Practices such as enhanced maternity and paternity policies and flexible working can ease this burden.

We recently carried out a survey with new mums and dads. Our findings show that many parents wish to change the way they work after the birth of a child to accommodate changing family needs. Indeed, 60 per cent of employees who moved to a different employer after maternity leave previously worked in organisations which offered few or no FFWPs to staff.

If employers want to support staff, they must offer FFWPs to enable them to reach a healthy work-life balance. This will improve the overall well-being of employees and the business itself. Our findings show that if an employee cannot strike a work-life balance to suit their circumstances, they will move to a different employer that will support them.

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CEO Marie Marin


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