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How many hours a week do you spend on admin? Chasing up paperwork and checking incomplete forms is time consuming and ultimately costs your company money.

WorkPal is a mobile and desktop app which streamlines workflow, with job management, time tracking, job reports and invoicing all from the palm of your hand.

Mobile workers have access to customised job sheets from the mobile app, can be guided through their task and have the ability to report back instantaneously on the progress. Once a job is completed, WorkPal allows for speedy invoicing, even from out in the field. The end-to-end process management ensures that the accounts department is completely integrated with field workers and everyone in between.

By law, every employer must make sure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient state, in working order and in good repair, this includes vehicles. It is important that vehicles are maintained so that they are mechanically in good condition.

An incident reporting system is essential to enable employers to meet their legal obligations to report accidents. Before starting a shift, drivers should check tyres, lights, indicators, visible damage to the vehicle, mirrors and breaks, recording this information and sending back to head office. The paperwork involved in this costs time, money, and slows down processes.

With WorkPal, users are able to complete mandatory daily checks on shift starts including vehicle safety and personal protection equipment all from the app. This saves time for workers and reduces the risk of paperwork being misplaced, incorrectly filled out and ensures safe practice in the workplace.

Ian Megahey, Head of WorkPal Sales says: “One of the most attractive aspects of WorkPal for our customers is WorkPal forms. When setting up your WorkPal, install your paper based forms development as part of the system. Data captured from the app will be automatically synced back to the desktop providing your forms for email and export, meaning documents can’t be lost.

“Having vehicle checks built into the app ensures safety compliance with workers and stops a backlog of paper forms. The bespoke nature of WorkPal means it’s as affordable and flexible as companies require, ultimately saving money and growing profits.”

WorkPal, including its sister company, Barclay Communications, has been awarded a place on the Government Framework for the Digital Marketplace, allowing over 36,000 public sector buying organisations to avail of their products.

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