The challenge of working with interpreters

Diversity NI is leading the way in terms of the quality of training for its 700+ fully qualified, tested, monitored, and quality-controlled interpreters.

Working with public and private sector clients to deliver vital translation and interpreting services, Diversity NI now offers clients access to 75 global languages. Operating an accredited OCN Centre, the business has significantly increased its extensive and in-depth training programmes for interpreters based on its insights from managing important aspects of the Syrian Refugee Resettlement Scheme.

In the Q1 and Q2 2022, these learnings have been incredibly vital as the business sought to help Ukrainian refugees by funding and training 17 Ukrainian interpreters in response to the Ukraine conflict.

“Our role is to ensure that our interpreters are of the highest standard, delivering trusted translations that are fair and accurate for both parties. The preparation for this is key which is why all our interpreters are fully qualified and receive ongoing training,” comments Paolina Hawthorne, Managing Director of Diversity NI.

“It is our goal that when an interpreter begins a job, they quickly establish trust with both parties. For us, the skill of impartiality and how to manage difficult situations are in the backbone of our training programmes.”

Similar training is also offered to service providers, and Diversity NI has recently introduced ‘IGS Best Practice in Working with Interpreters Guidelines’ to further benefit and educate its clients.

“This is a two-way process and there is an onus on the client/service provider to also understand the role of the interpreter. Our training has been incredibly well received, particularly by public sector organisations who understand the need to gain experience and training to improve sessions with those from other cultures who speak a different language,” says Hawthorne.

Managing multiple public sector contracts and business for private clients, Diversity NI is one of the largest and most experienced translating and interpreting agencies in Northern Ireland.



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