Spring party conference preview

martin mcguinness sf ard fheis 2013 This edition of agendaNi includes coverage of all party conferences in November on pages 112-120. The three remaining local party conferences will take place in early 2014 as the European Parliament elections approach. Polling day is 22 May. Seats for the new councils will also be contested on the same day if the Local Government Bill passes the Assembly in time.

Significantly for Sinn Féin, the southern local council elections are also due on

22 May. The party could be fighting three campaigns across the island on the same day. In keeping with the Republic’s conference season, its ard fheis will take place in Wexford on 14-16 February.

Alliance’s party conference will take place on 22 March at the La Mon Hotel. The Green Party’s smaller gathering is also scheduled for March but its venue has not yet been decided.

For longer term planners, Labour will congregate in Manchester on 21-24 September and the Conservative Party conference will move to Birmingham:

28 September to 1 October. The Liberal Democrats will hold their conference in Glasgow on 4-8 October.

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