Newry: The City with a vision for growth and investment

Newry, Mourne and Down District Council, one of the fastest growing areas in Northern Ireland, have established an ambitious regeneration strategy for growth and investment at a local and regional level.

Working with statutory departments and a number of private sector developers the Council is driving forward construction investment in the Newry area in the region of £120 million over the next five years. The output of this strategy is accelerated economic growth, placing Newry, Mourne and Down District as a key gateway for business, tourism and investment.

As one of the largest councils in Northern Ireland, strategically located on the Belfast to Dublin economic corridor, with high levels of entrepreneurial activity, and with three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the district has a rich offering of business, heritage and tourism. The uniqueness of the district and strengths of the local economy, ensures that the Newry, Mourne and Down District have the assets required to deliver a region that is prosperous, healthy and sustainable from an economic, environmental and tourism perspective.

The Council’s Regeneration and Investment Plan is a direct response to an assessment of need for the city and it is driven by the Council’s vision of reinvigorating the historical core of the City Centre, with benefits to the wider District. Proposals represent the largest and most significant investment this city has seen, with real benefits for increased vibrancy, footfall, employment opportunities, private sector investment and growth in arts, culture, visitor numbers and spend. 

In the summer of 2019 investment has been confirmed for the development of a new Civic Hub, and theatre and conference facilities in the historic core of the city centre. Newry City has an established thriving performing arts community; however enhanced theatre and conferencing facilities will provide the infrastructure and resources necessary to advance the performing arts and culture sector, attracting professional and aspiring artists, conferences and events to the area, generating further economic and social return.

A new city centre located Civic Hub will modernise and transform the work of the Council, creating a better working environment for delivery of council services, as well as stimulating a wide range of further tangible economic and cultural benefits for the people and businesses of the district.

The Belfast Region City Deal is comprised of six Northern Ireland council’s working in partnership with the Northern Ireland Civil Service, Queen’s University Belfast, Ulster University and Further Education Colleges across the Belfast region. The vision of the investment deal is to accelerate inclusive economic growth, delivering up to 20,000 new and better jobs, accessible to people from all communities.

The regeneration and investment vision of the Council is further expanded through the Belfast Region City Deal, by further stimulating investment and enabling environmental improvement works that will ‘place make’ around the regeneration investments, reinforcing existing links through the City, and creating new public realm links that will make Newry more open and permeable, less car dependant and therefore more sustainable for future generations.

The Council is encouraging the development of Grade A office accommodation, which will boost investment in the area through the location of new companies, delivering new employment opportunities for people living in the District. The Council also believe that Newry City offers capacity for a new hotel development with identified demand from potential leisure, corporate, meetings, events and tour operator businesses. An increase in the supply of rooms will sit hand in glove with the Council’s drive to generate more business and tourism footfall in the area.

Through the Belfast Region City Deal, the Council with City Deal partners are continuing to progress an investment deal that will also see the delivery of the Southern Relief Road, and an innovation hub in the city.

The Belfast Region City Deal, recognises regeneration as a key contributor to affecting a step change in economic performance at a Northern Ireland level.  Delivery of the Belfast Region City Deal will generate for Northern Ireland 20,000 jobs, and an increase of £470 million GVA; at a regional and local level delivery of the City Deal will have transformative impact on the lives of people living, working, investing and visiting the area.

Newry, Mourne and Down District Council sets out a clear ambition to realise the District’s potential to become a leading region on the island of Ireland, maximising the clear strengths of the District’s strategic location, outstanding tourism offering and thriving business base.

Through investment in regeneration the Council can deliver on this ambition, and establish Newry, as the “Small City, with a Big Vision”.

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