Harnessing the power of clean hydrogen to build a future economy

Through utilisation of its natural conditions, Northern Ireland can position itself as a leader in green hydrogen technology, outlines a new report from Matrix

The newest report from Matrix, the Northern Ireland Science Industry Panel, shows that by combining Northern Ireland’s natural conditions such as being one of the windiest places in Europe and benefiting from shallow seabed, combined with complementary infrastructure such as a publicly owned transport operator and modern gas network, the region is the ideal location to develop a future economy powered by green hydrogen.

Northern Ireland’s Future Hydrogen Demand and Capability, produced in conjunction with Frontier Economics, reveals that Northern Ireland can utilise these factors to develop innovative technologies to create and store hydrogen, potentially to heat homes, fuel transport and power industry as well as creating a hydrogen market with export opportunities for both fuel and technology.

Working with stakeholders from across industry, academia and government, the report identifies a range of specific barriers which need to be overcome to create truly transformative change but with its existing skills base, natural factors and willingness on the part of government and industry to decarbonise and invest, Northern Ireland is well positioned to take advantage of the potential benefits of a hydrogen powered economy.

The report articulates a vision for the green hydrogen economy in Northern Ireland, considering supply, demand and export potentials and an assessment of barriers and enablers that may need to be overcome or enhanced to ensure the sectors development. It also outlines an action plan to overcome these barriers and foster enablers and an assessment of potential wider impacts on growth, employment, and skills in the green economy.

With a young and highly qualified workforce, in embracing green hydrogen Northern Ireland could also benefit from well-paid, high skilled jobs, contributing to the Department for the Economy’s 10X vision.

The report also finds that, with buy-in from government and industry, Northern Ireland can position itself as a leader in green hydrogen technology. Rob Grundy, Chair of Matrix says: “If we act quickly and decisively to create an environment where the research talent and business acumen available in Northern Ireland can combine with the existing infrastructure and utility provision we have the opportunity, in uncertain times, to provide security of energy supply, affordable fuel to the consumer and make significant progress towards our net-zero carbon targets.”

The report can be downloaded from the Matrix website by visiting:


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