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Decision Time: Driving digital transformation across the public sector

(L-R) Chairman Colin Reid, Business Director Sinead Mulholland, Technical Director David Braziel, Head of Sales Neil Gillies and Managing Director Geoff Higgins.

Whether you are one of the leaders in your organisation or part of the team that supports them, your priority is the same: to ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time so that the best decisions can be made.  

In the past this would mean managing piles of paper, struggling with poorly designed software or using home-grown systems based on email, file sharing or spreadsheets. Decision Time provides tools that remove these barriers giving you the time to focus on what’s important. 

At Decision Time our goal is to enable boards and leadership teams to make better informed decisions quickly and efficiently. The Decision Time platform provides web-based solutions that enable better and faster decision making through the effective management of meetings, governance, risk and performance metrics.   

Technical Director David Braziel says that public sector organisations are more aware than ever of the need for good governance and the management of risks and goals.

“We focus on providing solutions that are easy to deploy and easy to use,” he says. “We have created three main core solutions built around a central platform to cover the areas of decision-making, risk management and performance.” 

The three modules are:  

Meetings: Our Board Portal enables organisers to create meeting packs in minutes, distribute them and provide an intuitive way for participants to read, annotate and search through their current and historic packs. This ensures everyone has the information they need at their fingertips before, and during meetings while on the move. 

Risks: Abandon the difficult to maintain, centralised spreadsheets in favour of an online, easy to use, always up to date solution. Decision Time Risks is designed to be even easier to use than a spreadsheet or word document while providing infinitely more options to analyse, understand and manage your critical risks while developing better understanding and appropriate risk culture across the organisation at whatever level you choose. 

Goals: Tracking your KPIs, objectives and outcomes is vital for focus and performance. Decision Time Goals lets you set your objectives, define measures and targets and then track actual performance using simple dashboards and reports. With a highly visual, easy to use interface you can manage and improve your performance dramatically.  

What our clients say:

“The benefit to the board has been great. The quality of our boardroom conversations has been improved because we are better prepared and focus more on the relevant parts of the meeting. It’s also very intuitive and easy to navigate which is always going to be critical for success.” 

— Damien Rooney, Board Member, Dundalk Credit Union


“I used to write off the last two weeks of every month just to prepare for board meetings. I can now have it done in an hour. The Directors are more prepared. The meetings are quicker and more streamlined. The time it has saved is just unreal. The difference, I call it life changing.”  

— Deirdre Downey, Health Service Staff Credit Union, Meeting Organiser


Neil Gillies
Head of Sales
W: www.decisiontime.com
E: neil.gillies@decisiontime.com

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