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Recently in Ireland, Breedon has embarked on an employer brand campaign called ‘Inside Breedon’ to promote itself as a ‘preferred employer’ within the construction industry.

Following an impressive start to the year, Breedon has ambitious plans to become even bigger and more successful in the future. An integral part of these plans is the people it employs as the company endeavours to develop its own staff from within whilst also attracting talented people into the organisation to help a build sustainable future.

As part of the ‘Inside Ireland’ campaign, we travelled to some of the many locations around the country to get a glimpse into what working for one of the leading construction material groups in Ireland and Great Britain, really means.

We spoke to Barry O’Reilly, factory manager at Kingscourt Brick in County Cavan about what makes for a fulfilling and rewarding workplace.

“For me, Breedon build a sense of self-belief into the staff. I’ve been around bricks all my life, but from a young age to when I first came to work here, I never imagined that one day I’d be the manager. Breedon were brilliant when it came to encouraging me to move up and challenge myself. They sent me on a leadership and management course and over to England to do a level 5 CLAIT, both which helped me to where I am today.

“We are a very close team, and thanks to the low turnover of staff, the bond between everyone who works here means, when we need to, we can get serious in times when the pressure builds. Good communication also means that this pressure to perform never becomes a negative influence, and in a job where productivity is paramount, that sort of thing is vital.

“We make about 50-60 thousand bricks a day, around 12 million a year, and what is rewarding for me is that I know Breedon are rebuilding all of Ireland. It is good to know I work for an employer that’s always thinking about their impact. We recently went from a 10-hole brick to a three-hole which means quicker production and drying times, lessening our carbon impact and keeping what we do as sustainable as possible.

“When it becomes a part of your life, like it is for me, you have to know the company are looking out for you, and Breedon certainly are with the benefits, pension and share scheme to name a few of the ways that happens.”

Breedon Group Plc is a leading construction materials group operating in over 350 locations across Ireland and Great Britain. The company produces essential materials that make a fundamental difference to the lives of people everywhere, every day.

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