Keeping your digital data secure

Keeping your digital data secure

With a full range of services including, authentication management, internal and external perimeter security and secure remote access, Capita is the service provider you can trust to help keep your digital data safe.

As organisations change their business operation models to keep pace with an increasingly competitive and technology-led world, the physical locations of the workforce are spread ever wider and business processes and operations rely more heavily on network capabilities and remote access. These create exciting opportunities for business, but also for crime.

According to government research, the scale and cost of security breaches has nearly doubled*, with some organisations changing the nature of their business as a result of the worst breach. Although 70 per cent of organisations keep their worst security incident under wraps for obvious reasons, we are cognisant of the fact that security breaches are a regular occurrence. Even more worryingly, they can be unpredictable, go undetected and remain unsolved for unacceptable periods while they are investigated and security restored.

Across business there is insufficient understanding of cyber attacks and as a result, quantifying the cost of such attacks is inadequate. The assessment of risk from these attacks is also complex, and many organisations do not have sufficient audit trails to identify areas of risk, or the ability to measure their response systems. Alongside these threats, regulation is imposing severe fines on organisations that collect, use and keep data information demanding a change in process and behaviours. Securing individuals, property, data and assets has never been more imperative or as valuable. 

Organisational barriers

Where businesses are constrained in their ability to take advantage of innovation, they run the risk of losing business agility, are less attractive in a highly competitive marketplace, and suffer loss of customers and brand loyalty. More importantly, they become saddled with fragmented systems, and these impede progress and impair performance and profitability. IT complexity and security issues often deter IT decision-makers from adopting new measures and changes in their business operations are not necessarily aligned with IT security strategies. 

IT professionals need to know which assets they need to protect, and the potential costs of leaving them unprotected. They need to understand their unique context and how to defend it, where breaches occur and how to respond, contain and analyse them.

Why choose Capita?

Capita has in-house expertise in designing, deploying and supporting tailored security systems. Capita’s partner network brings additional specialised expertise and having integrated platforms enables resource predictability and alignment with business needs.

Connecting physical and IT estates with communication streams such as radio, telephony and mobile services, we are able to provide commonality across networks and processes that enables faster response times and greater control.

Capita’s approach to asset management will help to optimise your existing resources and enable you to develop, implement and manage your own security strategy. This will ensure appropriate levels of protection and risk control while enabling the system to evolve. Capita designs solutions holistically, from cable to cloud, physical to virtual, initial design to lifecycle support in order to optimise performance.

Working together, Capita and your business can enable you to keep up with a changing world securely.


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