I-SEM- An Electric Ireland Perspective

Electric-Ireland-ClareClare McAllister, Northern Ireland Sales and Marketing Manager at Electric Ireland tells agendaNi that as the largest energy supplier on the island of Ireland, Electric Ireland is poised and ready for the move to I-SEM.

Changes in the electricity market have been dynamic and interesting in recent times with the move in 2007 to the Single Electricity Market bringing dramatic change. Now the proposed introduction of the Integrated-Single Energy Market (I-SEM) in 2017 will bring further developments in energy supply across the whole of Europe and will deliver significant change from the current system particularly in relation to trading.

Although commodity prices will still be the main driver in I-SEM, with changes to the market such as three trading markets (day ahead, Intraday and Balancing) and a European trading market, we expect that the model will bring many areas of volatility. Suppliers will have to understand and manage this volatility on behalf of their clients and I envisage an emphasis on accurate demand forecasting in future.

For Northern Ireland, where Electric Ireland has served the business market since 2001 and launched into the residential market in 2015, the introduction of I-SEM will bring both challenges and opportunities. As the number one energy supplier on the island of Ireland we are equipped to support the change and to provide the best possible solutions for our customers.

We work collaboratively with a number of companies nationally on a strategic basis to develop energy efficient products for our customers. In the business market, we currently have offerings spanning solar PV through to Demand Side Unit schemes (DSU) providing customers with greater choice to suit their particular needs. Additionally we have state of the art systems, recently improving our digital capacity in order to introduce tools that help our customers use their energy in smarter ways. The introduction of the innovative energy management system Business Online portal allows customers to take control of their energy costs and gives them an insight and an understanding of their energy use at a glance. Such innovations and collaborations along with the development of products that directly respond to customer needs, such as the recently introduced Farm Tariff providing the agricultural sector with more competitive pricing, demonstrate that the customer is at the heart of all that we do.

Electric Ireland has always been a customer centred company whose vision today focuses on Smarter Living i.e. simple ideas that make life better. We want our business and residential customers to understand that when they partner with Electric Ireland we will help them to live a ‘smarter life’.

As one of the leading suppliers to major industry we plan to rapidly grow our presence in the business and residential markets in Northern Ireland. We are committed to supporting I-SEM to ensure Northern Ireland will comply with relevant legislation to create an internal model for electricity and gas, ensuring Northern Ireland has an energy market that supplies affordable, secure and sustainable energy to people locally.

In short, we are energised by the dynamic market in which we operate and having managed our transition to the current SEM electricity model, we are confident that we are well placed to move into I-SEM as a competitive, trustworthy reliable energy supplier, providing customers with the most effective energy solutions for their needs.

Clare McAllister            

T: 0345 600 5335            

E: customerservices@electricireland.ie   



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