Housing Executive contracts could see up to £1 billion spend over 10 years and secure up to 900 jobs

 The Housing Executive has announced details of its new repairs contracts for its 87,000 homes across Northern Ireland. The contracts could potentially see expenditure of up to £1 billion over a maximum 10 year period and could see up to 900 jobs created and secured.

The four contractors are Carillion Energy Services Ltd, Combined Facilities Management (CFM) Ltd, CTS Projects Ltd and H&A Mechanical Services Ltd.

The new contracts are underway and will allow for more flexibility when scheduling repairs, an emphasis on first time repairs and wider use of mobile working to keep customers informed of appointments.

Local communities will also benefit with many apprenticeships created across a range of trades for young people. A number of social housing enterprises will also be created as a result of the initiative.

Chief Executive of the Housing Executive, Clark Bailie, said: “We are delighted to announce these new contracts as a real opportunity to provide tenants with a high quality repairs service. Alongside the organisation’s planned maintenance programme, the repairs service will see a substantial investment in the local economy and provides long term assurance of job security and training opportunities for four local contractors.

“Given the potential value of this contract could be £1 billion over a ten-year period, the organisation is also eager to ensure that social value is realised through these contracts and that the local communities we work with benefit from this. It is a requirement for each contract lot area to establish a social housing orientated social enterprise.”

Carillion Chief Executive, Richard Howson, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded these two important contracts, which build on the strong relationship we have with the Housing Executive for whom we have provided services for many years. We look forward to supporting the Housing Executive in achieving its objectives for providing an excellent service to its tenants.”

Contracts Director of Combined Facilities Management (CFM) Ltd, Joe Keenan, said: “CFM has been delivering Integrated Building Services and Maintenance contracts to the Housing Executive since 1979, and we are delighted to have been awarded these two 10-year contracts which will see this relationship continue, whilst also evolving and continuously improving the service delivery of Social Housing Maintenance.

“These contracts will see the opening of our fourth operations and office base and will provide secure employment for staff along with dozens of apprenticeships across all trades.”

Managing Director of CTS Projects, Connaire McGreevy, said: “We are delighted to have been appointed as one of the Housing Executive’s four contractors for housing repairs, which is testament to the high quality and competitiveness of our offering.

“This is a hugely significant development for CTS Projects. I conservatively estimate that we will take on an additional 70 employees, doubling our employee numbers to 140, including joiners, bricklayers, quantity surveyors and contract managers.

“We will also offer an increased number of apprenticeships, which is good news in terms of ensuring we have the necessary skill sets to support our business expansion.”

Hugh McWilliams, Chief Executive of H&A Mechanical Services, said: “H&A are delighted to have been awarded the contract on this recent procurement and look forward to working in partnership with the Housing Executive over the term of the contract.

“The award of this contract allows H&A to sustain its already in place workforce of 300 but more importantly it will lead to some 70 new jobs over the contract term. It will also allow H&A to continue to invest in its apprenticeship programme over the coming years. We envisage that 30 new apprenticeships will be created.”

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