Digital Transformation for Northern Ireland Planning

The reform of the Northern Ireland planning system and the transfer of planning functions to the newly formed councils offers a real and exciting opportunity to reshape a process which has long been influential in how our local areas grow and prosper.

The success of Northern Ireland planning requires a clear vision for the future. This vision can only be achieved through the delivery of a coherent digital strategy and the embedment of future-proofing technology, enabling not only quantifiable service efficiencies, but also the delivery of digital services to the citizens of Northern Ireland.

Since the devolution of Planning functions to the 11 councils, Tascomi Ltd, the market leader in the provision of local government software, has actively met with key local government stakeholders throughout Northern Ireland, England and Wales. These discussions provided a critical insight into the complexities of the Northern Ireland planning system, but also focused on tangible solutions to known challenges.

Through comprehensive and ongoing business analysis, in addition to extensive experience in the delivery and maintenance of similar large-scale digital transformation projects, Tascomi Ltd is developing a new and modern web-based software solution.

Tascomi Planning will not only meet the extensive workflow requirements of planning administration, but vitally, it will ensure the delivery of cost savings, faster turnaround times, easier means of access and an improved standard of service provision across Northern Ireland.

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