Championing supported living

Apex champions supported living through new build and the

re-modelling of existing schemes.


Over the last 20 years the realisation that many vulnerable adults, both want, and are capable of living more independent lives has prompted a step-change in government policy and provision.

In the past, prescribed residential care homes limited people choice in the decisions that largely determine quality of life for all of us – how, where, with whom we live etc. That’s not to say that some people did not live contentedly in such settings but the availability of this as a sole option erodes equality.

Supported Living provides an alternative to institutional care, reinstating valued opportunities for choice. However, it cannot be applied as a one-size-fits all solution. Built into the Apex vision of Supported Living is the opportunity for different levels of assistance, so that support is commensurate with the individual’s capacity and desire for greater independence.

The supported model also creates the opportunity for vulnerable adults to choose to take a place in the community in which they live and consequently the choice to take part in that community. Research underscores the various benefits of a more socially cohesive neighbourhood. Improved connectedness, keeping active and involved, with access to essential services all contribute to well-being with better physical and mental health outcomes.

Working in partnership with the Health Trusts and Supporting People Apex is delivering new Supported Living schemes for older people in Ballycastle, for those with mental health difficulties in Derry / Londonderry and remodelling existing residential schemes in Strabane, Omagh, Limavady and Derry / Londonderry for those with learning disabilities. These developments will enable tenants to live well, achieving their potential, in their communities into the foreseeable future.

Our remodelling approach has been underpinned by maintaining on-going, in-depth consultation with residents, families and staff. Much of that success is down to the insight and dedication of our staff who helped immeasurably in the process of change. The benefits to residents are significant from improved design changes to their home, access to a wider range of income streams, increased rights as tenants and greater input as active citizens in making decisions.

In our experience to date, the remodelling process is not without complexities but Apex has been at pains to guide and support individuals through this transition, while delivering the new accommodation. Independent evaluations of our Supported Living schemes and the vocal responses of the tenants themselves show high levels of satisfaction

We are, however, also cognisant that the economic headwinds of recent years have and continue to bite at this sector. Revenue funding streams have been flat-lined for many years at a time when projected costs are due to rise well in excess of inflation. Unfortunately more financial challenges lie ahead. Welfare Reform represents the biggest change to our welfare system in over 60 years. Nevertheless Apex is determined to ensure that our vulnerable tenants receive first class support in the finest of settings.


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