A new energy advice service

RitaBryson Energy has recently launched a new free, local, impartial energy advice service.  This service is dedicated to assisting householders right across Northern Ireland save energy and money, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  It has been launched to fill the gap left following the end of funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change in London. 

Nigel Brady, Director of Bryson Energy explained the change: “Bryson Energy has been providing free, local and impartial energy advice for more than 15 years on behalf of a range of stakeholders.  Previously Bryson Energy had provided energy advice as part of the National Energy Advice Service funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change but this funding along with the UK wide free phone number ended on 31 March 2012.  I would encourage Northern Ireland households to continue to contact Bryson Energy for impartial energy advice on the new free phone 0800 1422 865.

“The service offered includes advice on how to make your home more energy efficient from installing insulation to upgrading your boiler and information on the latest grants and offers available.  With increasing energy costs, this advice service is essential to helping householders reduce their energy bills and tackling fuel poverty.”

A number of local councils along with the Department for Social Development, through the Housing Executive are continuing to provide funding to Bryson Energy, to ensure that householders in Northern Ireland will have access to local, free and impartial energy advice.  In 2010-2011 Bryson Energy provided advice to over 39,000 households across Northern Ireland helping them to save money and energy.

David Crothers, Chair of Bryson Energy added: “At a time of rising energy bills and increasing fuel poverty the importance of local, impartial advice which matches local needs is paramount.  I am delighted that the local energy knowledge that Bryson has built up will be utilised to ensure householders in Northern Ireland continue to have access to this type of  advice.  We want to encourage local stakeholders such as local councils and MLAs to access this service to benefit their constituents.”

Bryson Energy is part of the Bryson Charitable Group, the leading social enterprise in Northern Ireland.  Bryson Energy is the European Commission’s Regional Energy Agency for Northern Ireland. Energy agencies support the introduction of good energy management practices, advocate the concept of sustainability, provide information and guidance, and offer a number of other local services based on specific local energy needs. Bryson Energy has offices in Belfast, Enniskillen and Derry/L’Derry.  The new advice service can be accessed via the free phone number 0800 1422 865 Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm.

To find out more please log onto www.brysonenergy.org or call 0800 1422 865.


A first for Northern Ireland
Bryson Charitable Group is delighted to be honoured with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development.  This is the first time that this award for sustainable development has been given to a Northern Ireland organisation.  The prestigious award given out during the Queen’s birthday is in recognition of the significant contribution that Bryson has made to the social and environmental improvement of Northern Ireland.  Hugh Crossey, Chairman of Bryson Charitable Group, said: “This award  recognises the commitment of Bryson and its staff and volunteers to sustainable development.  Bryson has been delivering services right across Northern Ireland for over 100 years and is constantly changing and developing its services to meet changing social need.”

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