You can have more success and at the same time less stress

John Kennedy, Managing Partner of strategy consultants Insight Strategies, pioneers of the ‘Success Structure’.


Everyone is seeking success, but few have a tested and proven system to achieve it. Some approach every new task by rushing in without a well thought out process and embark on a succession of actions that often involve more effort than is really necessary.

Others develop a series of habits without taking the time to distinguish the bad habits that are unproductive and stressful from the good habits that consistently propel them toward success. Both approaches make the task much more difficult than it needs to be.

However, for a few people success seems to come much more easily.

Many years ago we set out to find answers to two key questions –

What exactly do highly successful people do that sets them apart?

Can the insights and strategies these high achievers use be distilled into a structure that anyone can learn and apply?

Over many years we have worked closely with and learned from entrepreneurs who have changed the way everyone lives their lives, business leaders who have created personal fortunes and best selling authors.

We have found these high achievers are not just naturally talented or lucky – it is it possible to pinpoint the specific things these high achievers actually do in an unusually focused way.

We have distilled these insights down into a structure anyone can learn and apply.

What makes success seem so difficult

One of the first – and most surprising – things we found is that the main barrier to success is almost always the person themselves. They have experienced all of the following:

•   a great deal of effort generates little by way of results

•   when a task is unfamiliar or unclear it becomes much more difficult

•   most initiatives, strategies and projects fall short of their potential

•   many initiatives fail from a lack of commitment rather than lack of planning or effort

And yet many people try to overcome these realities by working harder, learning more and taking on more and more stress. But none of these common responses increase success and reduce stress.

High achievers, in our experience, had a different approach. They benefited from a key insight – that success has a structure.

Your mind seeks structure

Our research included detailed examinations of recent breakthroughs in understanding how the human brain works most effectively. This research shows that the brain craves structure – so much so that it will seek to create it even when it doesn’t really exist.

Once it becomes part of your mind’s habitual approach to see something in a certain way, it immediately moves to do so. In this case it organises the dots so it can see a square and a triangle. And once it does it becomes difficult to think of these dots in any other way.

We have watched extensive arguments ensue in our workshops about the “fact” that these are not just individual dots, that they are indeed a square and a triangle. And that is the point. Once your mind presents you with an organised whole then it stays whole and your mind will immediately pick it out.

This is all linked to what sets the high achievers apart – they know, understand and can apply a reliable structure that delivers success.

And you can learn how to do this too.

Success has a Structure

Through decades of working with high achievers we have found they have the following five key attributes:

•   Even in seemingly the most difficult and challenging circumstances they always confidently take control from the outset and know exactly what to to

•   They identify the small number of individuals they need to persuade and influence and connect powerfully with those individuals to bring them into a positive and constructive working alliance

•   They are fully confident within themselves and always provide confidence to everyone around them by ensuring they clarify every step to build the levels of certainty required

•   They know how to convince and motivate everyone involved so they don’t just conform and go along with the plans, or have to be coerced, but they actually want to work actively and positively together

•   Communicate incisively with extraordinary levels of influence and impact

Insight Strategies have taken these five elements and, applying the latest breakthrough science and advanced thinking, created a unique toolkit – the Success Structure™. It is the Success Structure that enables others to develop these 5 key attributes in themselves and to apply them to the highest standards.

The advantage the Success Structure™ gives you

When we looked at the underlying reason why so many of the tasks managers face prove difficult and stressful we found that without a clear tested and proven analytical structure managers often tend to reinvent the wheel in much of what they do.

The typical approach means that too much time is spent thrashing around, trying to find the best way to approach the task with more likelihood of being drawn into process issues rather than the productive aspects of the task.

You will have experienced this – meetings that seem to be held too often or spend far too long talking without making sufficient progress. Or you may have sat down to prepare a presentation or a report and found it challenging getting to the draft that really clearly sets out your thinking.

Many books and workshops tell you the answer to such management problems is SWOT analysis or better time management or some other management technique. The reality however is that what is actually needed is a thought structure that allows you to focus every time on what is important and which eliminates the stress caused by unnecessary detail.

Being able to identify and focus on the five fundamental elements of success is the first aspect in dramatically raising your level of performance.

The second is using a proven and tested way to develop your expertise in each of the five elements to deliver consistently higher performance.

The Success Structure™ gives you a tested and proven approach you can use to:

•   pinpoint with precision what the key issues are

•   immediately and specifically how to address these issues to measurably high standards while discarding irrelevant detail

This immediately reduces stress, effort and dramatically increases the levels of success.

Insight Strategies delivers the ‘Success Structure’ through tailored workshops, coaching and mentoring. Clients continue to build their capability thereafter independently in their own time.


To learn more about the Success Structure and how you can put it to practical use go to

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